How exactly to improve your Xbox gamertag

How exactly to improve your Xbox gamertag

It is possible to improve your Xbox gamertag. That we created for you when you first signed up for Xbox (meaning you didn’t choose it yourself), you can change it one time for free if you want to change the gamertag. From then on, all Xbox gamertag changes cost additional.

In the event that you created your own personal gamertag at signup and would like to change it out, you’ll be charged (cost differs by area and money).

Note Microsoft can at any time deem a gamertag harmful or improper ( regardless of if the Change gamertag tool permits it become produced), therefore we can alter that gamertag without caution. To find out more on why we eliminate gamertags, see Gamertag and name that is real the Xbox protection site.

Improve your gamertag online

  1. Register to utilizing the Microsoft account email and password related to your gamertag.
  2. Enter your very own gamertag or pick among the recommended people: